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      Theatrical Training

      2012/14 Theater improvisation, Teatribù (MI), 3 annuities, teachers Mico Pugliares and Davide Arcuri.

      2000/03 Theatre, TeatrObliquo (MI), 3 annuities, teachers Durshan Savino Delizia, Giulia Giussani and Daniela Monico.

      2000 Acting course, Ass. L.E.S. (MI), teacher Sabrina Corabi.


      2018 Masterclass "from jump to flight", Mohole, teacher Omar Galvan.

      2017 Masterclass “dubbing”, Centro Teatro Attivo, teacher Pino Pirovano.

      2015 Masterclass "dramatic and grotesque improvisation ", Teatribù, teachers Mico Pugliares and Mari Rinaldi.

      2013 Masterclass "Shakespeare's Tragedies" and "Shakespeare Comedies", Teatribù (MI), teacher Andy Ferrari. Masterclass "Think for actions", Regula contra Regulam (MI), conducted by Sir Eugenio Barba with Mrs. Julia Varley. Basic storytelling, further training seminar on the improvisation in narrative techniques, Teatribù, teacher Jim Libby founding member of the improvisational company The English Lovers e Rocket Sugar Factory.

      2012 Masterclass on the Strasberg method, with Lella Telloli Heins director and screenwriter of the Actors Studio in New York.

      2008 Masterclass Zelig Stand up comedy, two seasons, Space Aurora Rozzano (MI), with Alessio Tagliento and Rafael Didoni.

      2005 Intensive Masterclass on A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare Theatre Elena Sesto S. Giovanni (MI), teachers Durshan Savino Delizia and Massimo Massari.

      2003 Masterclass movement and dance, Corte Sconta (MI), teacher Franco Reffo.

      2002 Masterclass of voice and diction, TeatrObliquo, teacher Massimo Massari.


      Language Skills

      Italian (mother tongue). English (reading - good / write - discrete / expression - discrete). Spanish (reading - discrete / write - discrete / expression - discrete). Various Italian and international rhythms. Gibberish (Grammelot).



      La locandiera by Carlo Goldoni. The Marquis of Forlipopoli. TeatrObliquo company, directed by Daniela Monico and Gabriella Foletto. A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare. Egeus, Peter Quince, Mustardseed and the Man on the moon. TeatrObliquo company, directed by Durshan Savino Delizia and Massimo Massari. Fear and misery of the Third Reich by Bertolt Brecht. Scene X "The Spy", husband, XX scene "The Sermon on the Mount", son and priest. Directed by Durshan Savino Delizia. Caligula by Albert Camus. Helicon. Directed by Durshan Savino Delizia. Fear of some beatings by Georges Courteline. Him. TeatrObliquo Company, directed by Durshan Savino Delizia. Konfusioni "Between mouthfuls" Alan Ayckbourn. Mr. Martin Chalmers. Directed by Durshan Savino Delizia. Ossia by Giancarlo Majorino. Ossia, directed by Roberto Minini Merot. 6 secrets + 1. Monologue, Compagnia dei Lupi, directed by Eleonora Falchi and Alberto Corba. Him and her. Anthology of texts from "His and Her" by A. Lo Castro, he. "Where are my glasses" by Karl Valentine, he. "Candidate" by Harold Pinter, Lamb. from "The Island" Georges Courteline, he. "Open couple almost wide open - the son of the test tube" by Dario Fo and Franca Rame, husband, from "man prays woman casts" by Carlo Goldoni, man. Directed by Chimienti Carmen. Dall’alba al tramonto. Anthology of texts from "Fear and Misery of the Third Reich" by Bertolt Brecht, Scene I "Go to the people", first officer, scene V "Serve the People", SS, XVII scene "Two bakers", second from "It happened 50 years ago" by Alberto Gobbato, a soldier, readings from "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler. Improvisation. For ilClanteatro: The script - Istants - Verbo Volant - Border Law - Spray Story - Do not shoot on the director - Co science - Arrivals & Departures - GladiAttori - Cholossal - FlashBlack - Extraordinary Edition - The court of miracles. For Teatribù: The goat on the couch – The Carrion - Impromania - Impro League - Someone loves Sesto - Teatribù Party Time - Teatribù Playtime Party - Impro The Hub - Impro Assaggi. For Quadrifolli: 02.204060 - Krònia - Milan City Impro - Detective Monologue - Theatresports – Improbubbles. Stand up comedy. Zelig Lab on the road two seasons Spazio Aurora, Rozzano (MI). Happy Hour at Derby Derby Theatre (MI). Circolo Artemisia Cicco Simonetta (MI).



      Ringo stories of locked room. Directed by Niccolò Falsetti – Zero video, coach production BRW Milan. Never Whistle Alone. Directed by Marco Ferrari, whistleblower (main character) production Basement Milan. Camera Café. Directed by Fabrizio Gasparetto, Mario, production Rai. Estremi Rimedi. Directed by Francesco Mazza, TV producer, production Media Agency. #Occupyvimodrone. Directed by Leopoldo Caggiano, manager, production Leopoldo Caggiano (MI). Dante. Directed by Luca Pizzi Lussuoso and Electra De Gaetano, Malacoda, Fisheye Still Motion Group Milano, presented to T.I.F.F. Toronto Italian Film Festival Canada. Pipì room. Directed by Jerry Calà, equal opportunities episode third friend Manolo, Remida Film Production Milan preview on Rai Movie. +231 Country code. Directed by Augusto Modigliani, police officer, A.L.F. Milan. Mark's story. Directed by Costantino Costa, Marco, Mamasuba Milan. Angela and Alfonso. Directed by Costantino Costa, the subject of Diego Perrone, Alfonso, Maga Film Arts Monza. Presented in Latin America, Europe and Australia. MINOR ROLES: Bibo forever. Directed by Enrico Coletti, passer. The game - The defense of Luzhin. Directed by Marleen Gorris, invited. Look at the sky - Stella, Sonia, Silvia. Directed by Piergiorgio Gay, man at work.


      Italian Television

      Lo scherzo perfetto. Directed by Giorgio Squarcia, boss, RTI - Mediaset Cologno Monzese. Lucignolo 2.0. Directed by Giorgio Squarcia, joke Ana Laura Ribas, RTI - Mediaset Cologno Monzese. Almanacco del Gene Gnocco. Directed by Daniele Zanzari, Mobbing contribution, office manager, RAI - ITV Movie Cologno Monzese. Scherzi a parte 12th edition. Directed by Nicola Alvau, joke with Barbara D'Urso, restaurant manager, joke Platinette, local police officer, joke Raz Degan, a police inspector, joke Nicola Savino, owner company, joke Giuseppe Povia, jeweler, RTI - Mediaset Cologno Monzese. Taglia e cuci (sitcoms). Directed by Gaia Gorrini, season 1 episode 12, 4 Weddings and a Cardinal, Secretary of Cardinal, Einstein Multimedia for Sky. Ballarò. Social press "Noise pollution", directed by Paolo Vari, husband, BRW & Partners Milan Rai TV. PILOT EPISODES. Professione (in) pericolo. Directed and Production by Giorgio Squarcia, Dr Bianchi. - RTI Mediaset Cologno Monzese. Cosa succede in città (sitcoms). Directed by Nicholas Alvau, subject Laura, Matthew. In the brain of .... Directed by Giorgio Squarcia, Alberto. Signorini Show. Directed by Marzio Carlessi, contribution Gag Meloni, doctor.



      Esselunga – dad, directed by Ago Panini, BRW Milan. Grazie Natural (testimonial 36 film) – Ceo, directed by Leonardo Jona, Meloria Milan. Raee (TV 30” - digital edition 60”) - man directed by Luigi Martinucci, Heritage Digilab Milan. My Gift Card (3 subjects online – travel - Christmas) – dad, directed by Marcello Lucini, The Big Mama Milan. Pagine Gialle - Italia online – man, directed by Tomas Goldschmidt, Antoriario Video Milan. Grazie Natural (testimonial 35 film) – Ceo, directed by Fabio Cotichelli, KappaKom Milan. Buondì (subject Morning truth) – zombie, directed by Ben Callner, Filmmaster Milan. Schärdinger, Italian chef Luigi, directed by Marc Wilkins, Filmhaus Wien (A). Eurospin, guard, directed by Federico Cambria, Extravitali Milan., boss, directed by Federico Cambria, Antiorario Video Milan. ING Direct (subject The bank that speaks to you), man, directed by Federico Cummins, Mercurio Cinematografica Milan.  Walkers-Lays (subject United Somesuch), security guard, directed by Rollo Jackson, Division Production Ljubljana  (SLO).  Constitutional Referendum (subject Tourism - Infrastructure - Popular initiative - Law), Professor Russo, directed by Mattia Moses Molinari, Blackmamba Milan.  Ikea (subject change), man, director Chris Balmond, H films Milan. Menarini Prostamol - campaign Siu - doctor, directed by Darko & Douglas, Proxima Milano. USAG tools - Waiter, directed by Alessandro Bianchi and Riccardo Andreaus, CDP Alessandro Bianchi Milano. Striscia la Notizia - father, directed by Alessio Muzi, testimonials Fabrizio Fontana, Edoardo Stoppa, Cristian Militello, Stefania Petyx, Dario Ballantini alias Valentino, RTI - Mediaset. Vivigas (subject testimonials) - Dante Alighieri, directed by Riccardo Rinetti, Blowupfilm Milan, awarded at 46 ° Key Award category "transport and energy." Press campaign ph Daniela Berruti. Wendy's (under the tuscan bum) - inspector Rousseau, director Chad Ostrom, Grand Large New York (USA) - The Island Milan. Agos Ducato (subject gunslinger) - Man, directed by Nicola Bello, Haibun Milan. BPM - Banca Popolare di Milano, employee, directed by Paolo Monesi, Trip Multimedia Group Milano. Mediaset Premium (subject Academy), Professor, directed by Jonathan Herman, testimonial Mario Balotelli and Andrea Pirlo, Mercurio Milan Cinematrografica. Samsung (subjective app) dentist, directed by Daniele Zennaro, The Big Mama Milano. Fiat (8 test subjects movie) customer of the bar, directed by Paolo Vari, Castadiva Milan. Cepu (Give your dream an opportunity and the ideal environment for studying - Motivation - The winning method), tutors and voice over, directed by Michela Chimenti, I-Side Milan. Telecom (medical) doctor, directed by Luca Belluccini, The Big Mama, Milan.  DS Celiac (Our services) Man, directed by Alessandro Sege, Department Cinema Milan. Teletu (The home savings - that blow - choice) Man, directed by Francesco Nencini, Haibun Milan. Dr Oetker (Do not look now - Human touch) uncle, directed by Stef Viane, Neue Sentimental Film Hamburg (D). Philadelphia (Fantasie) invited friend, directed by Paolo Vari, Castadiva Milan. H3G - Tre (Stick - A.A.A. Wanted - Tutorial) committed, directed by Paolo Genovese and Luca Minieri, testimonial Claudia Gerini, Io Production Rome. McDonald's (Mc Drive hamster wheel) man in the hamster wheel, directed by Kasper Wedendahl, New Partners Milan. Crodino (Cute) Dad, directed by Erminio Perrocco, testimonial Victoria Cabello, Central Groucho Milan. Chevrolet traverse (T-Rex) Dad, directed by Steve "Spaz" Williams, Dolcevita movie Dubai (UAE). Coop (Choir drugs) pharmacist, Filmmaster Milan. (Voice / Telephony) husband, directed by Paolo Vari, BRW & Partners Milan. Carlsberg (Victory) exultant man, directed by Paolo Vari, Cinestudio Milan. Proscitutto Parma (Test Movie) waiter, directed by Tomaso Cariboni, H Film Milan. Unieuro (Service) committed, directed by Riccardo Paoletti, Filmmaster Milan. Rana (cooking school) student of culinary school, directed by Giovanni Bedeschi, testimonial Giovanni Rana, Bedeschi Film, Milan. Sky (Channel 116 Show - Jokes - 6 film 30 ") Gianfilippo, directed by Vera Braghiroli, Blob Creative Group Milano. Volkswagen Polo (Witnesses) guy, Volkswagen Golf (Fainting) Man, directed by Gigi Cassano, Movie Magic International Milano, member of the 54th International Advertising Festival in Cannes. Aspirina (Suitcase - 2 film 30 "and 15") husband, directed by Gigi Piola, Bedeschi Film, Milan. Costa Cruises (Mors tua vita mea - Park) husband, Mercury Milan Film Festival. Obi (Garden Tools) Gardener, directed by Victor Tognola, Frama Film International Lugano CH. Volkswagen Golf GT (A true legend) police officer, directed by Tony Kaye, Movie Magic International Milan. Mc Donald's (Salvaeuro) Concierge, directed by Big Soda, Alto Verbano Milan. Corriere della Sera (Art 900) newsagent, Harold & Motion Pictures Milan.



      Grazie Natural (testimonial) – Ceo, ph Daniele Poli, Meloria Milan. Vivigas Dante Alighieri, ph Daniela Berruti. Medestea flupiren cooled man, ph Stefano Gilera Milan. Renault Touareg, ph Studio Imamgine - LSD Milan.